Dear Sri Jagat Prakash ji
I am addressing the letter to an old associate of Patna University, born and brought up at Patna, groomed as leader here, twin child of our great teacher, Sri N L Nadda Ji, who inspired and motivated us to be a disciplined student, both inside Darbhanga House and on the lawns of Patna college on Sundays during NCC parade, We share his words of wisdom in the class rooms, Rani Ghat professors quarters and VC bungalow in Ranchi, where I stayed briefly, had dinner on the table with Sir, when you and Bhushan Ji were students, Now, you are president of the world’s largest and biggest political party.

I was pained to see a visual on TV when you were physically pushed by the Home minister as you were close to the honourable PM saheb You are less visible during the Corona crisis,appeared more during the assembly elections in southern and eastern parts,You had better say in the selection of candidates earlier, you couldn’t not enjoy your dominance in nomination of ministers in Bihar last year,not even in selecting MLCs.

You had to depend on the undependables like Bhupinder Yadav, Nityanand Rai ( for caste considerations against Lalu,), Vijaybarghiyas, You could not make your presence felt as head of the world’s largest and biggest party. You MUST have heard of K Kamraj, who was least educated, but excelled as industries minister and CM in Madras and later as president of the Congress, who could make the prime minister Nehru to bow to his dictates, change cabinet and CMs too, Request you to rise in the interest of the party and the nation, Do not take cover under team spirit, exercise your authority over the government too, overhaul the structures, have performing leaders in both the government and the organisation, You will get blessings of the PM too
Regards and best wishes

(In a ” friendly” advice, a Patna University days colleague, LAW Kumar Mishra, a former journalist associated for long with the Times of India,later with Hindusthan Samachar, suggests BJP president JP Nadda to be pro_active,have say in the Governance now)


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