Admitting the JDU leadership was pained (Dukhi hai) at the recent defections of six party MLAs to BJP in Arunachal Pradesh,principal secretary general of the party,K C Tyagi on Sunday said the party would contest the assembly elections in the four states going to polls next year.

The newly elected  party president,R C P Singh has been authorised to prepare strategy for the JDU participation in the assembly elections outside Bihar.Releasing the nine=pages resolution,Tygai said the recent developments in Arunachal Pradesh were unexpected and coalition dharma was not followed.Resolution said the parties in the alliance should follow the Atal model of Alliance code as in case of Arunachal Pradesh,the code has been breached.

Resolution said mutual trust and co-operation were the basic foundations of the coalition code.There should be regular communication between the alliance partners for maintaining the alliance. Tyagi was not happy with the role of the BJP during the assembly elections in Bihar on the actions of the Lok janshakti Party which engineered defeat of he JDU candidates.He said”BJP did not act against the LJP and the misinformation campaign of LJP against Nitish Kumar was allowed to go uninterrupted.

He was categorical that JDU would contest the assembly elections in West Bengal.BJP’s state unit president,Ashok Kumar Das claimed JDU was well prepared to contest the elections in 75 constitutencies.
Bihar chief minister,Nitish Kumar will strengthen the party outside Bihar and would campaign in the state going to elections next year.

The newly elected  bureaucrat turned JFU national president,R C P Singh said he was associated with Nitish Kumar,first as his PA since March 19,1998 in the Railway ministry and later in Bihar.He promised he would work with full dedication and honesty as national president of the ;party”.

“I have never deceived any one”,he claimed.Sanjay Jaiswal,state BJP president reacted to the JDU resolution and assured the BJP-JDU alliance in Bihar was intact and there would be no adverse effect of developments in Arunachal Pradesh.


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