Animal husbandry and fisheries minister,Mukesh Sahni on Friday was reprimanded by the chief minister,Nitish Kumar in the Vidhan Parishad chamber for violating official protocols and sending his elder brother,Santosh Sahni as the chief guest in an official function of the department at Hajipur,25 kms from here on Thursday.

Mukesh Sahni,who leads the Vikash Sheel Insaan party(VIP) publicly apologised to the chief minister and admitted he had committed blunder.He said hos brother violated protocols by using the official vehicle of the minister and distributing materials to the fishermen as chief guest.He assured CM “Such mistakes will not be repeated”.

CM had expressed his annoyance on the floor of the HOuse and said”It is strange.”,Expressing his displeasure over the breach of protocols by his cabinet colleague,CM summoned the minister.He earlier asked the irrigation minister,Sanjay Kumar Jha and Health minister,Mangal Pandey to inquire into the entire affair.He also called for official reports from the district administration and fisheries department.Nitish had made up his mind to drop the minister as members of both the Houses raised the issue and demanded Sahani’s resignation.Even ruling BJP members pressed for his resignation.

An embarassed chief minister said he had read in thre newspapers about the conduct of the minister’s brother in representing MUkesh Sahni as chief guest at an official programme.wherehe handed over 25 vehicles to the fishermen.Sahani is president of the Fishermen community union also.

Earlier.he was an event manager in Mumbai and used to put sets for the  films shooting.
Mukesh Sahni jumped into ;politics through RJD and called himself”Son of Mallah(fishermen).He left RJD as he was not promised office of the deputy chief minister by RJD leader,Tejaswhi Prasad Yadav.He himself lost the assembly elections last year,but was elected to the Upper House last month.VIP has four MLAs.


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