UNI_ a dying institution?

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New Delhi. While there is a talk of good days of UNI. I think there should be a talk of harrowing period of non payment from 2007 till the date and how the so called seniors of UNI (who headed or heading rganization) treated many others in insulting language and forced them to resign.

When the organization is not paying for three to 4 years there should be talk of only salary when one meets the editor in chief and no question of efforts for revival..

Empty stomachs r not ready to hear any type of philosophy.. I have nothing against reunion.. I m raising the issue about three people who headed or heading the organization and treated me and many others in a very insulting manner…

First it was arun bhandari, who expected that I should use my clout to reduce cost of flat his son was purchasing in mumbai as builder was of bjp.. When I refused, i was transferred to to Assam.. Thanks to late surinder Arora that I was brought back in 6 months..

He should have headed organization in place of Ashok Tuteja…Tuteja, has no right to speak about integrity with UNI as he himself had joined tribune, when he was transferred…

But vishwas tripathi found him.So he came to mumbai and started talks of revival..I asked him talk of salary …

He said if organization is not paying why I shouldn’t quit?Was he on a mission to get rid of seniors? Was he going to provide job for me?

Was this a way to talk with a man who headed Mumbai bureau? I m capable of answering such queries in more harsh language…U can’t expect work from empty stomachs.. Just c, how allegations of sexual harassment , castiest slur was used…

I was the victim of it..

Again thanks to late Arora, who was mumbai bureau chief, who said it was jayant mainkar because of the mumbai bureau was functioning and union wants to damage him so that he should not b bureau chief..

But such allegations were used as a weapon to transfer or get resignation..The people sitting on top just wanted resignation.Sonny Abraham was the editor at that time.. It was the duty of these seniors to take initiative and not to mute spectator …

These incidents r equally responsible for downfall of organization…Tuteja, transferred me to nagpur ..
This is an insulting transfer as I was shunted from mumbai bureau chief to nagpur , the city which is covered by stringer..

I should thank Neeraj Bajpayee who got me back one month before his retirement…But later…

In the era of vishwas tripathi-ashok upadhyay (mama bhanja) the salary gap started increasing with only hindi varta people or promotee journalists getting promotion..

He expected 25 news from me every day…Has he atleast translated so many in a day?Raghvandra tripathi , who was promoted to journalism 2004 from operator is made bureau chief..

In 2004 i was already sr correspondent..These r ways just to get resignation of seniors, who r capable of heading organization at all india level..

All these incidents , not only in my case, but with many others should have been protested , stopped…Had it happened in time, UNI might have been in a bit better position..

Now, in 2019 UNI is getting salary of 2016..EPF contribution till 2014…No payment of LTA, leave encashment, or petty cash from 2007..And still we should file 25 stories. .. Or should quit …According to Tuteja…

I was on reunion whats app group but left the moment, i saw tuteja in that group….I can’t b in the group where a person like tuteja is a member.. These people including Bhandari, tuteja, ashok upadhyay and vishwas tripathi (chairman for a record period of 7 years) r equally responsible for present downfall..

Transfer was used as a weapon to get resignation from senior people outside delhi… Why delhi guys were not transferred?

( From editorial members of UNI)

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